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K12apply principal mission is to empower educational ecosystem by revolutionize key business processes for our clients. We consistently deliver viable, measurable ROI and sustainable cost efficiencies.

The benefits of working smarter with K12apply include time savings, financial savings, improved work flow and employee collaboration.

Online Admissions

Long lines of flustered parents. Extra staff brought on for the day. The photocopying. The lost documents. The never-ending data entry. Thousands of sheets of paper. Every time a change needed to be made, a physical form needed to be filled out, copied, mailed and re-filed. By graduation, the average student file contained 200 pages, each touched by multiple clerks and administrators.

Does that sound familiar? That's what we've heard from people like you when they talk about the admission process. It happens each year but it doesn't get easier for anyone. Parents & students on one side or schools on the other, bear the brunt of a system that could be a lot more simple and efficient.

K12apply was created to change all of this and make your lives easier. This one stop solution gives you all the essential information and Parents can apply to preferred institute of choice from a place and time that's convenient for you.

Fortunately, there’s a better way : K12apply

The only true paperless solution of its kind, K12apply streamlines student registration, re-enrollment and information tracking into a simple, intuitive process. By digitizing and automatically integrating data into existing student information systems, K12apply saves money, increases compliance, mitigates legal and disaster risk and creates new funding opportunities.

Easier on parents, easier on you

The K12apply online student registration difference begins at enrollment, when parents enter critical information just once, either online at home or at a school kiosk. Supporting documents, like birth certificates and driver’s licenses, are scanned directly into the student’s digital folder, and reminders for parents to supply missing information are automatically distributed. What was a two-hour process is reduced to minutes.

Once a student’s full profile is assembled, it’s accessible by any authorized school employee – without data entry, photocopying, filing or mailing to various departments. Integration into a school district’s existing student information system – like Skyward or PowerSchool – is automatic. When the time comes for re-enrollment, parents simply verify or update contact information and sign off on school policies online.

Imagine the possibilities

Imagine easy, orderly registration and re-enrollment days. Imagine the end of lost or misfiled student documents. Imagine all that filing cabinet space, open for use. Imagine perfect compliance, resulting in increased funding opportunities and mitigated legal exposure. Imagine a smarter school district. That’s K12apply.

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