About K12apply

K12apply is a leading provider of cloud-based enrollment and registration solutions, designed specifically for preK-12, independent, charter and public schools. Our solutions provide secure, customized online forms that complement your enrollment and registration processes. A powerful administrative portal allows for the entry, upload, review, editing and managing of data. We integrate with your student information system (SIS) through an advanced Data Integration Framework, so you can continue using your established software.

K12apply offers a choice of flexible and customized technology solutions that empower the educational ecosystem. Recognizing that each system is different, the solution can be customized to meet the needs of your school, district, parents and adjunct organizations.

Our Story

The idea of online registration and digital school forms evolved from one parent's belief that there had to be a better, more efficient way to manage student enrollment and school registration. Paper-based methods commonly used by school systems are outdated, costly and fail to meet the time sensitive nature of our education system. Working closely with school administrators, it was decided that current programs on the market did not meet their needs. The K12apply team and school administrators collaborated to design a program that solved real problems and could integrate with their existing programs. We would love to hear from you and learn how we can help you with a solution that will last many years.

Your Gateway to Saving and Efficiency : The K12apply Mission

K12apply's principal mission is to revolutionize key business processes for our clients in the public and private sector. We consistently deliver immediate, measurable ROI and sustainable cost efficiencies. K12apply uses its unique and patented business process configurator as the technology platform for rapid delivery of targeted vertical market solutions.

The benefits of working smarter with K12apply Solutions include time savings, financial savings, improved work flow and employee collaboration, data security/integrity and risk reduction.

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