Student Enrollment Simplified by K12apply

Our flagship solution K12apply enables K-12 schools to save time and money by leveraging paperless enrollment, downstream reporting, compliance and document tracking.

Our Features

  • Online Enrollment Forms

    Easy to view all enrollment forms and submissions. Addresses are verified to be part of the district. K12apply provides district boundaries to the parent.

  • Dashboard

    Analyze all submissions with detailed real time data. Get a full picture of your enrollments and make the necessary teacher staffing assignments.

  • Reporting

    Automated and quick report generation. Monitor the performance of initiated and completed submissions for each grade and school across the district.

  • Communication

    Communicate with families via email or text message from within the platform. See a list of inactive or hard to reach families.

  • Document Upload

    Families can upload supporting documents such as residency verification, immunization records and more.

  • SIS Integration

    K12apply provides tools to integrate with your SIS program,reducing overwhelming workloads during peak enrollment time periods.

K12apply Solutions

K12apply builds streamlined, cloud-based solutions for education. Our online enrollment platform converts expensive and time consuming processes into efficient and accurate for your schools.

K12apply Benefits

Online enrollment brings better control over the process.Forms are customized to meet your changing needs and immediately reach the entire system. Parents can submit from anywhere, using any device, eliminating long lines and missing information.

  • Parents

    Registration open 24/7.

    No more waiting in long lines.

    Register all children at one time, not building by building.

    Registration information is provided in your preferred language.

    Receive and respond to missing information reminders.

    Electronic sign off of school policies.

    Data is always up to date and accurate.

    Pay fees online.

  • Schools

    Easy to use interface simplifies the enrollment process.

    Save administrate time and expense uploading and filing forms.

    No more printing or copying.

  • Administration

    Early and ongoing identification of student enrollment.

    Immediate and accurate projections.

    Integrate with your SIS.

    Create custom forms for your district's needs.

    Powerful Dashboard & reports for up to date status details.

    Online universal fee payment system integration.

What Clients Are Saying

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